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Instruction for useEdit

{{Video|Text title|Name of the file.ogg|align=left or right}}


  • 1st parameter is a short title for the video. Try to keep it under 40 characters (you can use more, but it won't look nice!).
  • 2nd parameter is any ogg file uploaded on commons (without "File:" prefix)
  • align parameter controls alignment, defaults to right


The use of this template is for non-frequent uploaders, so that they will have a quick way to place some tags along with the video in a very comprehensible way, having a help button nearby and placing the video into the root Category:Ogg video. When you intend to upload more videos, please consider not using this template but to put the video into a appropriate video category right away. In an ideal situation the root Category:Ogg video only shows the sub categories in order to find an appropriate video for your article(s) more easily.

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