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Template:Virginia State Route number

This template is used for Virginia state route categories.


{{Virginia State Route number|1}}
  • 1: Route number as an integer (required).


  • This template passes the following parameters to Template:Number cat:
    • nt = ser
    • seriescat = State highways in Virginia (this places the category under Category:State highways in Virginia by number‎)
    • seriesprefix = Virginia State Route (this is for creating the list of other Virginia state route categories)
    • seriessort = Virginia (this sorts the category under Category:Roads numbered 1)
    • seriestype = roads (this places the category under Category:Roads numbered 1)
    • imagetype = file (if a shield image exists, otherwise blank)
    • imagename = if 1 < 600 then Virginia 1.svg, if 1>= 600 then Circle sign 1 (Virginia).svg or Circle sign 1.svg (if the shield image exists, otherwise blank), this allows for the use of the proper "primary" or secondary shield
    • n = 1 (this is the route number)
    • debug = debug (only used for development)