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This documentation is transcluded from Template:W/doc.

This is used to help create interwiki links, without displaying the prefix, and without the need for repetition if the link text is the same as target page name.

  • The default prefix is simply w: which creates a link to the English Wikipedia. However the language can be specified in the third parameter.


{{W |1= |2= |3= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 page name; also specific [sub]pages (e.g: user, category, talk, ...) main page of the wiki required
2 display text parameter #1 optional
3 language code (ISO 639), or sisterproject prefix en optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: all namespaces

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

See also

{{Ud}} and other Interwiki link templates;
{{Wd}} links to de:Wikipedia
{{Wf}} links to fr:Wikipédia
{{Wh}} links to hu:Wikipédiá
{{Wi}} links to it:Wikipedia
{{Wm}} links to mk:Wikipedia
{{Wn}} links to nl:Wikipedia


This template is not intended to be localized.


All parameter combinations

000 {{W}} → Wikipedia [1]

003 {{W|3=es}} → Wikipedia [1]
003 {{W|3=pt}} → Wikipedia [1]

020 {{W||Main Page}} → Main Page
020 {{W||en:Main Page}} → en:Main Page

023 {{W||Ĉefpaĝo|eo}} → Ĉefpaĝo

100 {{W|Page name}} → Page name

103 {{W|Page name||it}} → Page name
103 {{W|Page name||fr}} → Page name
103 {{W|{{FULLPAGENAME}}|3=pl}} → Template:W
103 {{W||pt:Wp|pt}} → pt:Wikipedia: pt:Wp (preferred style of a link to a national mainpage)

120 {{W|Page name|Display name}} → Display name

123 {{W|Page name|Display name|nl}} → Display name
123 {{W|Page name|Display name|hu}} → Display name

  1. a b c It is recommended to use parameter #2 giving an explaining text, as shown in the other Main Page examples.

Complex page name examples
3=de de:Wikipedia Benutzer Diskussion:Andreas 06/Spielwiese/Stadien der Fußball-Bundesliga
3=fr fr:Wikipédia Discussion aide:Catégorie/Archive3#Appels à volontaires pour Aide à la conception de l'arborescence
3=yi yi:Wikipedia ענדערן הילף:אינהאלט
3=pt pt:Wikipedia Categoria:Cidades fantasmas da CalifórniaPredefinição Discussão:!Info pessoal
3= en:Wikipedia Template talk:Welcome/fr#Pas assez informatif
3=nl:b nl:Wikibooks Scalable Vector Graphics/Stijl
3=en:d en:Wikidata Project chat
3=en:n en:Wikinews Egyptian MP calls for web porn ban
3=fi:q fi:Wikiquote Elizabeth II
3=es:s es:Wikisource Archivo:Las Maravillas Del Cielo pg 7.jpg
3=sv:v sv:Wikiversity Surdegsbakning för hemmabagaren
3=pl:voy pl:Wikivoyage San Francisco
3=lt:wikt lt:Wiktionary Sąrašas:Kinų hieroglifų raktai
3=m 00 Metawiki VisualEditor/Newsletter/2014/November/ka
3=mw 00 Mediawiki Extension:ParserFunctions/it
3=species 0Wikispecies Verrucaria halizoa
3=en:commons en:Commons Template:W
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