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Display an wide image with automatic horizontal scroll bars


{{Wide image |1= |2= |3= |4= |5= |dir= |alt= |align-cap= |border= }}

{{wide image|name|width|description|box width|alignment}}

Template parameters

1Name of the image without "File:" prefixemptyrequired
2the width the image should be displayed in (e.g.: 1200px). To specify the height instead of the width, prefix the parameter with x, e.g. x200px.emptyrequired
3A description which will be displayed below the imagenoneoptional
4What fraction of the page the image should consume, as a percentage (use %) or in pixels (use px)100%optional
5"left" to float image left, "right" to float rightnoneoptional
dirSpecify the scroll direction, use the value 'rtl' can make the right side of the image the initial visible portion inside the scroll framenoneoptional
altDescribes the image's visual appearance to visually disabled readers.captionoptional
align-capAlignment of captionleftoptional
borderWhether to keep the outer border ("yes" or "no")yesoptional

Additional information

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