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Since the expansion of te template it can still be used to display the text "Own work based on:" in many languages;
but now it is also possible to display the link to the file(s) where the own work is based on.
In addition, the image(s) itself can be shown in any required size, with some options;
also a user, as the creator of the file, can be specified.

Instead of writing e.g.

|source=Own work, based on: [[:image:Recycling symbol, white on blue.svg|Recycling symbol, white on blue.svg]] by [[:user:Jimbo Wales|Jimbo Wales]]ky and others.

it can be expressed much shorter with

|source={{Own based|Recycling symbol, white on blue.svg|by=Jimbo Wales}}ky and others.

which will give in both cases

|source=Own work based on: Recycling symbol, white on blue.svg by Jimbo and others.

with the advantageous difference that the text generated by the template will be translated into the prevalent language - you may test this example.
With the parameter display= (short: d=) the file can be displayed inline; other options can be passed with the parameter opt= (short: o=),
see the description of many possible options. Example (like above, with d=24 and o=l):

|source=Own work based on:   Recycling symbol, white on blue.svg by Jimbo Wales..

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