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The process of unifying the petty kingdoms of Norway started around the beginning of the ninth century and was completed around 1060.

Norway at the death of Gudrød the Hunter. The most important kingdoms were Vestfold (red), Hålogaland (purple), Alvheim (yellow) and Agder (green)
Norway at the death of Halfdan the black. In red is the kingdom inherited by Harald Fairhair
The norwegian kingdom (red) before the defining battle of Hafrsfjord.
King Harald I's division of the kingdom ca. 920. The yellow area are minor semi-independent kingdoms, the purple is the domain of the earls of Lade, orange is the domain the earls of Møre
The division of the kingdom after the battle of Svolder (1000) between Sweden (yellow), Denmark (red) and the earl of Lade (purple).
Norway during the reign of St. Olav. The finnish march owed tribute to the king of Norway.


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