University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is a big university in Denmark. Its facilities are spread out in many locations in Copenhagen.


Old buildings in the inner cityEdit

The oldest part contain Theology and Law studies

Institute for Mathematical SciencesEdit

Department of Computer Science (DIKU)Edit

August Krogh InstituteEdit

Geological MuseumEdit

H. C. Ørsted InstituteEdit

The H. C. Ørsted Institute is basically four buildings connected by a long corridor called Vandrehallen.

Niels Bohr InstituteEdit

Panum InstituteEdit

The Panum Institute is the faculty of health sciences at the university of Copenhagen.

Zoological MuseumEdit

See alsoEdit

The old university library in Fiolstræde, and the university library on Nørre Allé, which is now part of the Danish Royal Library.

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