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احمد بسيونى

Joined 25 April 2007



ID cardEdit

'Ahmed Mohammed Naguibe elsaid. Bassiouny'

Age: 22 years and a half

Date of Birth:'9 November 1985 '

Marital status: single

the Case of study: a student at the third grade , Department of Electrical Engineering and computers in Higher Technological Institute (HTI) Tenth of Ramadan

I love the Arab world and also France and Hungary

I Love all Egyptian movies old and new

I love Romantic love stories and historical books and spies stories Homepage 'the land of heroes' Affiliated to the Association Resala Heliopolis Branch Member of the entire 2getherclub responsible for site 2getherclub I love football, karate and the plane table games and cards and adore El Zamalek


Given the long age and multiple relationships I will write the names dearest friends in groups

1 - School: Mohammed Ossama,Mahmoud Jalal, Karim Mahmud , Rami Amin and Ahmed Hussein, Fadi Wahib, Hani Wahid.

2 - Suns Club: Talal Mohamed, Haitham Gita, Abu Bakr and Abdel-Rahman Magdi etc

3 - University: Ahmed Muawwad Shahab uddeen , Ahmed Zein and Osama Saeed etc

4 - Family 2getherclub all

5 - Harry Potter member : Farid Sayed, Mohammad Najati, and doha salah, , Salma Ahmed and Ahmad Montasser


God is front of me and Qur'an my Sharia

the prophet Muhammad my arrival Sahaba with me

Palestine will not return to the Arab so that the Muslims return to mosque from Fajr to Isha'a

Egypt Mother of the WorldEdit

Egypt, which in my mind and in my mouth "I love all my soul and my blood

To be a day for those who sacrificed Egypt Egypt is the Mihrab, the Great Paradise