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Spammers have been raiding Commons, and other Wikimedia projects, with the intention of advertising prostitution and/or casino. This is an old South Korean spam patterns, locally dating back to the time before we had Windows 95.



There are usually two patterns of spams:

  • Case like Laysta54 involves replacing the whole page with the 'generic' spammy messages. It usually contains some variants to bypass anti-spam measures (such as Abusefilters). It's usually Japanese characters or alphabets used in place of Korean jamo or numbers (in case of the phone number).
  • Case like Seojeong11 involves uploading copyright violations, with the spammy messages same as above, as file name or descriptions. If images does not look like uploader's own work, and contains the texts below, it's highly likely that they are spam. Nuking perfectly justified.

Each spam raids are usually independent: Spam group A found today may not match with spam group B found yesterday. Only conclusive way to detect them is the patterns above.