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The old, long, never-ending tistory CCL icon dispute - this is a guide for those who're not familiar with tistory's CCL system.

Abstract is a Korean blog service provided by Kakao Corp., previously based on free software "TextCube" but now on proprietary software. If you are not familiar with Korean language or's way of showing CCL icon, it is often confusing to review the license. This article is a how-to for newbie administrators/license reviewers how to see their licenses, and possible caveats.

Prior discussions

Prior discussions, AKA person like you having hard time to find tistory's license button.

How to find a license on the pages

In tistory, you can mark article for CCL using Tistory editor. It used to be able to mark an article for CCL using plugin, but as of October 2017 it is retired and no longer available. If article is not CCL marked and you are living in the world after October 2017, it may be licensed under old way, using plugin method. It's gone forever, and you can't see that ever again. You may be able to find a snapshot via Internet Archive. Below is for article using the tistory editor.

When I do License review...
Example 1

Let's take this(Original deleted) as example. This file has source link to here. In the source, you can see tweet button and facebook button at the end of article. See the above line's right end. You will see BY icon which links to CC BY 4.0 Intl.'s deed. However, it is not the blogger's work and it's work of Vogue. Therefore, it has been deleted. (I realized it was reupload of Vogue after I marked it as good.)

Example 2

Let's see File:20141027-에이핑크Apink-경희대-국제캠-축제 (Jung Eun-ji).jpg now. It links to here. You will have to go to bottom to check license first. It does not have twitter/facebook icons, but you should be able to find BY link with same logic which links to CC BY 4.0 Intl.'s license deed. Now scroll the whole images until you find the exact image. (I have two monitors so I use another chrome tab to check.) When you found the image, voila! Tag it with {{subst:LRR}}. I suggest you make an archive on Internet Archive Wayback Machine or because bloggers frequently (higher probability if you are reviewing K-POP artists' photo) take down their post or mark their post as "private".

There are lots of tistory blog with different skins, but you should always be able to find the CC icon at the bottom right side of linked site. Please note that there is custom-domain set on some blogs. In such case, try keystroke Q and if it redirects to some login page with tistory as a logo, it is certainly the tistory blog.

Again, please make sure to snapshot the website in and/or since tistory bloggers (especially K-Pop bloggers) frequently take the website offline.

If you still have question or you want advice on specific case, don't hestitate to contact me on my talk page.

What if there is no CCL icons?

I got a great question here - if there is no CCL icons, it means All Rights Reserved and as usual, it is not eligible for Commons. You can access tistory's guestbook by example: here, mine) and ask them. There is no guarantee that the blog owner can read/write English. While Korean education system includes English in their school curriculum, English is in no way official language of Korea, and they might be uncomfortable using English.

Two CCL icons

As mentioned above, tistory used to have alternative way of CCL template, which links to respective 2.0 Korea version of CCL. Example can be found here. (Please note, the original website generates Google SafeSearch error as of 2017-09-04.) It could be placed above the contents, or below the contents. The plugin generates a box and a bigger logo instead of small logo. If both license match, it was good to go, as both are permissible. But, if it does not match, it's likely the uploader does not understand CCL, and it's advised that uploader check original authors' intention, per COM:PCP.

Other notes by copyright owner

As in this DR, some copyright owner has usage restriction other than CCL (it usually contradicts with the CCL, such as "DW prohibition, commercial use prohibition, ..."). It is usually interpreted as "Blog owner did not know the consequences of licensing under CCL" and thus COM:PCP deleted. ( case is the one, for example)

Known unacceptable tistory blog

This is list of known unacceptable tistory blogs. Contents from this domain has either 1. explicitly mentioned CCL was licensed in error or 2. circumstances implies the user did not know they were licensing under CCL. (This includes warning like "Don't crop logo", "Don't use it commercially"...) If you have a DR case, feel free to add one at the bottom.