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The script is as a bookmarklet for with the following address:

javascript:(function(){var d=document,s=d.createElement('script');s.src='//';d.body.appendChild(s);})();

How to create the bookmarkletEdit

It depends on your browser.

  • In Firefox click on any bookmark in the bookmark menu. (It will be more convenient if you turn on the Bookmarks toolbar from View/Toolbars/Bookmarks toolbar and create the bookmarklet there.) Select New Bookmark, enter a name (for example WebRef) in the Name field, enter the script given above in the address field (Location).
  • In Internet Explorer you can create a bookmark of any page in the usual manner (Add to favorites), then right-click it in the favorites menu, choose Properties, enter the JavaScript given above in the URL field, change the name (in the General section) to WebRef.
  • In Google Chrome and Opera - press Ctrl+D and then the button Edit (for Chrome) or Properties (for Opera), change the name and address as for the other browsers.