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Napoleonic HeraldryEdit

Category:Grants of arms of First French Empire


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Student fraternitiesEdit

File Source and reasoning Keep or delete
File:KDAschild.gif Their wiki, licensed CC-BY-SA. Same uploader, identified as Jef Van Gils. Correct license
File:VGK_schild.png Uploader is VERMEULEN Bregt, president at that time. Explicitly donated to the public domain. Uploader was president + Correct license
File:Schild rucantores.png Uploader is Michael Camerlinck, executive member at that time. Personally created the website and redrew the escutcheon. Explicitly donated to the public domain. Correct license
File:Schildlvsvgent.jpg Uploader is Thibault Viaene, president at that time Uploader was president
File:Klioschildklein.gif Uploader is Maxime Van Houtven, executive at that time, and former president Uploader was executive member & president
File:Wina schild klein.gif Uploader is Lucas Aerbeydt, president at that time. Source of escutcheon Uploader was president
File:Wapenplutonica.jpg Uploader is Peter Dirix, one of the founders, and designer of the shield. Uploader was creator and founder
File:Folklore Schild.jpg See file page OTRS
File:Schild Moeder Meense.png See file page OTRS
File:Wappen Flaminea.jpg See file page OTRS
File:Coat of arms of Payottenland.jpg See file page OTRS
File:Schild laetitia.png See file page OTRS
File:Argonaut.JPG Uploader is Xavier Stabel, president at that time. Uploader was president
File:Poutrix logo.jpg Uploader is Laurens Aelvoet, president at that time. Uploader was president
File:VOSEKO JONGEREN LOGO.gif Uploader is Arnaud Desmadryl, president at that time. Uploader was president
File:Linguakleintransparant.gif Uploader is Joris Heirstraete, executive member at that time. Uploader was executive member
File:LOKO, de Leuvense Studentenraad.pdf Uploader is Niels Decoster, executive member. Uploader is executive member
File:UnifacGBlauw.png Uploader is Tom Wauters, webmaster at that time. Claims PD-Text license. PD-Text
File:Schild LVSV Hasselt.svg SVG-file, strongly suggesting own work. Uploader was Bob Vandervleuten, vice president at the time. Uploader was vice president, probably creator
File:Moeder_Meetjesland.jpg File page has a notice allowing informational use. Is informational use sufficient as a license?

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Holy roman EmpireEdit

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Coats of arms of FranceEdit

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Coats of arms of RussiaEdit

Derivatives from PD-Old

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Coats of arms of ItalyEdit

All in order. Derivatives from PD-Old files.

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Coats of arms of LuxembourgEdit

These are certainly in order. All very conservative derivatives of Sodacan.

Arms of the Grand-DukesEdit