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2015-08-28 IMG 5810

Aerial video capture
- your eye in the sky

Mit dem Multikopter am Schönbergturm bei Pfullingen im nebligen Herbst

Filming with an UAV gives you great new perspectives ! You can capture scenes that are normally linked to lots of efforts (e.g. crane for camera) and huge costs (renting of a helicopter or plane).

The attached camera system always levels out on the horizon by the gimbals independent of the level of the carrier system. This can be seen most of all on videos when the camera movement is completely smooth and steady.

These capturing systems can be used for professional as well as semi-professional purposes:

   for commercials - none can refuse to use these dynamic pictures
   for creation of company portraits
   for creating a presentation for clubs or associations
   Check the state of solar systems on roof tops or large solar farms
   Check the course of harvest (growth of crops, use of pest control)
   check of insulation of buildings by using thermal cameras
   supporting on fire-fighting and seeking missing (thermal cameras)
   creating of 3D-models for local community or archaeology purposes

The resolution of the camera for stills is 14MP or 12MP, on video it's on 1080p (full-HD) or 2.7k.

I'm curious if my contributions from the birds-eye perspective is as fascinating for you as it is for me.


Some impressions:

  • fortresses, castles and ruins:

Template:Mehrere Bilder Template:Mehrere Bilder Template:Mehrere Bilder Template:Mehrere Bilder Template:Absatz

  • Towers:

Template:Mehrere Bilder Template:Mehrere Bilder Template:Absatz

  • Special architectur:

Template:Mehrere Bilder Template:Absatz

  • Art, sculptures:
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