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Marriage means keep enjoying of sex with a woman since wedding to death. by wikipedia user Alborzagros.png

The marriage acts like a medicine And mother-in-law is its side effect Wikipedia User Alborzagros.png Lie is ugly but sometimes you can not choose another policy. Wikipedia User Alborzagros.png Respecting to some idiots will make us feel slighted by them.png Hope is only way for the poor and last way for the wealthy.png The best benefit of not fearing is getting rid of uncertainties.png The clearest feature of fools is they never change their all beliefs.png Control your life-movie as a director and never pay attention to film producer’s grumbling. Wikipedia User Alborzagros.png Practice is half of success and another half is other points By Wikipedia User Alborzagros.png Those quotes you make fun of may be effective for others. by user Alborzagros.png Two men who think like each other Are like two similar robots. by wikipedia user Alborzagros.png