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Apollodorosh is an Archaeology-student at a Flemish University. He has an interest in ancient history and archaeology, focusing on the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean, although any archaeology before the advent of christianity and islam is facinating, and later periods also interest him to an extent. Besides studying he also likes to read books, write poems and stories, watch science-fiction and fantasy films and series, play EVE Online, and so on. He is also involved with the local LGBTQ-organisation in the city where he studies; and he is also a "Global Moderator" on the forum.

Since the beginning of 2010 he has been a Hellenist, someone who worships the Gods of ancient Hellas using a reconstructionist method. He also has a blog about his experiences in this religion called "Young Flemish Hellenist", he has a public Facebook page to connect to other people of pagan, wiccan, neopagan, neowiccan, etc., religions, and also a YouTube-channel for the same purpose, and finally a public Google-profile. On top of this he can also be reached on AIM as "apollodorosh" or "", and on GoogleTalk as "".