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Images of books and writers I have scanned or photographed.


Ancient Greek AuthorsEdit

Roman AuthorsEdit



Please see:



Pervigilium Veneris (anonymous, probably by Tiberianus)Edit

The complete poem in codex S (the Codex Salmasianus):

The complete poem in codex T (the Codex Thuaneus or Pithoeanus, now Codex Parisinus 8071):

The complete poem in codex V (the Codex Sannazarii):

Neolatin AuthorsEdit

Jacob CatsEdit

Nikolaes Heinsius the ElderEdit

Theodor Pulmann (also Pulman or Poelmann)Edit

Please see Lucanus

Gregor ReischEdit

Please see User:Aristeas/Works of Art

Italian AuthorsEdit

Giacomo LeopardiEdit

French AuthorsEdit

René DescartesEdit

Michel de MontaigneEdit

German AuthorsEdit

(Anonymous Publications)Edit

Aloys BlumauerEdit

Werner Böge (German mathematician)Edit

Wolfgang BorchertEdit

Theodor HaeringEdit

E. T. A. HoffmannEdit

Walter JensEdit

Justinus KernerEdit

Karl Christian Friedrich KrauseEdit

Samuel Gotthold LangeEdit

Martin OpitzEdit

August von PlatenEdit

Johann Gottfried SeumeEdit

Christoph Martin WielandEdit

Ex librisEdit


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