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Some of my photographs of towns and places in Germany, part S to Z. The numbers in […] at the beginning of each image description are just internal file reference numbers (IDs) for my personal use. If you have any questions about an image, contact me and use that reference number to refer to the image. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings.

Hint: At the moment, this list is heavily outdated and incomplete! Most new images are missing. I am sorry … The manual maintenance of such gallery pages is rather time-consuming. For now, you can find all of my photographs in the appropriate categories.

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Sachsenheim (Landkreis Ludwigsburg)Edit


Sankt Johann (Landkreis Reutlingen)Edit

Marienkirche UpfingenEdit

Schelklingen (Alb-Donau-Kreis)Edit

Schwäbisch Hall (Landkreis Schwäbisch Hall)Edit

The old townEdit

Sankt MichaelEdit

The ComburgEdit

Schwaigern (Landkreis Heilbronn)Edit

Evangelische Stadtkirche (St John the Baptist church)Edit

Stetten am HeuchelbergEdit

Steinheim am Albuch (Landkreis Heidenheim)Edit

District SöhnstettenEdit

Steinheim an der Murr (Landkreis Ludwigsburg)Edit

District HöpfigheimEdit


District Bad Cannstatt: WilhelmaEdit

Tübingen (Landkreis Tübingen)Edit

Stiftskirche TübingenEdit

Überlingen (Bodenseekreis)Edit

Ulm (Stadtkreis Ulm)Edit

Ulm MinsterEdit

Bad Urach (Landkreis Reutlingen)Edit

Stiftskirche St. AmandusEdit

Veringenstadt (Landkreis Sigmaringen)Edit

St.-Nikolaus-Kirche (Saint Nicholas Church)Edit

District VeringendorfEdit

Veringendorf, St.-Michaels-Kirche (Saint Michael Church)Edit

Weil der Stadt (Landkreis Böblingen)Edit

Bad Wimpfen (Landkreis Heilbronn)Edit

Far views and landscape of Bad WimpfenEdit

Wimpfen am BergEdit



District Wimpfen im TalEdit

District HohenstadtEdit

Bonfelder WaldEdit

Wüstenrot (Landkreis Heilbronn)Edit

Zaberfeld (Landkreis Heilbronn)Edit


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