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I have been contributing to Wikipedia for over a year now (not on this account, but on 2 other accounts that I no longer use because I lost the password!) I started seriously contributing on this account the last week of the last year (2007). I am familiar with WP policies and guidelines, although I am not particularly a fan of some of them (and am sure so are you! ;) )
Wikipedia is not a social networking site, thus if you feel like you need to simply chat, do it elsewhere. I personally have a facebook account and would be happy to add you, just send me an email and I will look you up! :)

There is not much to say about my interests. I spend a great deal of time in front of my computer's monitor, yet I am far from not being a 'TV addict'. I am interested in Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, History ,and IQ .

Et en Français

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Alors, ce que je fais sur Wikipedia est corriger les articles vandalisés, et quelque fois commencer des articles. Mais moi, je travaille souvent sur Wikipedia Anglais. Si vous voudrez m’envoyer un message, je serrai content de vous répondre..

This page is best viewed using Firefox and when you are colorblind! feel free to make constructive (radical) changes.
[Just one note; I am not colorblind but this page was designed as if I were.]

My Wiki-Achievements and Wiki-Milestones

Well, So far I have more than 4.2 K's of contributions (4200 contributions), including more than 1.7K of main space edits.

I have 7 DYKs and significantly contributed to (and also nominated):
1. Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svg Green marketing
2. Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgCscr-candidate.svg Apple

Here are some articles I started:
1. 05/01/2008 Super Comedy
2. 05/01/2008 Baby When the Light
3. 29/07/2008 Symbol question.svg SWEAT (hypothesis)
4. 29/07/2008 SWEAT (DAB)
5. 30/07/2008 CBS Mobile
6. 31/07/2008 Yaw axis
7. 31/07/2008 Symbol question.svg Panemone
8. 01/08/2008 Acid radical
9. 02/08/2008 Cutoff voltage
10.06/08/2008 Aeolian landform
11.14/08/2008 Symbol question.svgGA candidate.svg Photorejuvenation

Some templates I created:
1. 18/02/2008 Template:WPIraq_Sidebar
2. 21/02/2008 Template:Iraq_Barnstar_2
3. 25/02/2008 Template:Baghdad-stub
4. 28/02/2008 Template:Kosovo_Barnstar
5. 02/03/2008 Template:WPKosovo_Sidebar
6. 18/02/2008 *My very own welcome template!

And a category I created:
1. 25/02/2008 Category:Baghdad_stubs

I focus on improving existing articles rather than start new ones; quality is far more important than quantity.

Ok, that's all there is about my wiki-career.
Wow, You must be really bored to read all of that instead of going to electronvolt for example, and actually learn something useful, or since you have time, you can learn why Friends of gays should not be allowed to edit articles .

Impressive Wkipedians:
New Wikipedians:

And experienced Wikipedians:

  • Nousernamesleft:( A helpful, friendly Wikipedian administrator.)
  • BanRay:(A helpful, dedicated wikipedian.)
  • 亮HH: (One of the first wikipedians who encouraged me.)