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I checked the images in Category:Media without a source as of 15 October 2016 nominated by User:Jcb as well as the files tagged with no source at 15 October by Jcb, but already converted to a DR. From the total of 38 images in Category:Media without a source as of 15 October 2016 24 were tagged by Jcb (see below), an additional 13 were already transformed to a DR or consensus was reached to keep them, totalling at 37 tags. From these 13-14 or 35% has a source provided on the file (but in the wrong place). 9 files (24%) were clearly ok, which could be found out only from their file description. 19 further images would have been better suited for a deletion request, which likely will result in keeping some additional files. Only for 9 files (24%) i agree with the use of the no-source template, 2 of those are very likely (and recent) copyvios, 4 of those are with the same issue from the same user. Note that all these evaluations/comments are personal and others could well disagree for individual cases or structurally with my comments. Also note that some of these files are amongst the most difficult cases with multiple issues combined (which makes me argue for DR's). Also note that I put in an average of 4-5 minutes to investigate files after somebody already looked at them, investing so much time for all images is not something that I expect to be reasonable. Basvb (talk) 19:21, 19 October 2016 (UTC)

Files in Media without a source as of 15 October 2016Edit

filename Source indicated? Comments What tag applies?
File:Kanowna II.JPG No Clearly taken before 1955 and as such PD Clearly OK
File:Kansas counties map.png No Pd-USgov claim, as a map it is likely kansas gov work, but indeed needs a source, widely used thus DR to get some attention is not a bad idea no-source
File:Kansas State Seal.png Yes The seal indicates a 1861 work and a PD-usgov claim is present, also a source (although vague link) is provided, complicated situation Needs DR
File:Kaple Janov.JPG No Exif data and license imply own work. Needs DR
File:Kapliczka w Lisowie.JPG No Own work can be implied from license and is very likely, uploader later added the source Ask active uploader whether he forgot something/DR
File:Kaptensgatan tram stop 001.jpg Yes Template errors hiding source field Clearly OK
File:78thABWestmoreland.jpg yes Source is given, discussion on correctness of source/author can be held in DR Needs DR
File:79th armoured division badge.jpg No/PD-reasoning is given UK military insigne, reasoning on it being PD is given Needs DR
File:Kanon 02.jpg No Context (template) makes clear that this is supposed to be own work, however looks like a derivative. Preferably DR
File:Kanowna I.JPG No Clearly taken before 1955 and as such PD Clearly OK
File:Plata de la barcena.JPG, File:Sadss1.jpg, File:Plata de la Barcena.png and File:PlatadelaBarcena.JPG No four coats of arms by the same user, all own work claims, need some information on where their details came from no source tags
File:Saddam surveys al-Qādisiyyah.gif No No indication of the source/date is an issue here No source
File:Sagiri.jpg Yes Broken source link available (wayback helps) Needs DR for author/license proof
File:Sagrestia Vecchia Filippo Brunelleschi.jpg Yes (Doubtful) own work claim Needs DR
File:Sahil khan.jpg No Run of the mill webgrab (suspicion) no-source/copyvio
File:Saikung-PositionWithinHKSAR.jpg Yes Explanation on creation is given Needs DR
File:Sailfishandtaney.jpg No Google gave me the author Needs DR
File:Sailing patin.PNG No Could be PD-simple, own work implied DR to see if PD-simple
File:The Erik Sentinel Program 2014-06-20 16-59.jpg No Recent file with valid concerns no-source (no-permission now)
File:Saint Anna Church.png No circa 1900s image, needs PD consideration Needs DR
File:Saint John of Sviatohirsk.jpg No circa 1900s image, needs PD consideration Needs DR

Already converted to DR (by others)Edit

filename Source indicated? Comments What tag applies?
File:7thBN5thADDUI.jpg Yes Although sourcing is a bit vague/strangely formatted it is there, military insigne making Pd-gov not unlikely Needs DR
File:Saint thomas d aquin.jpg Yes middle ages image, clearly PD-old Clearly OK
File:Saint PopeTelesphorus.jpg Yes Clearly Pd-old Clearly OK
File:Saint philemon.jpg No Has a signature on the bottom, derivative of painting (possible very old, possibly 1960s-80s) Needs DR
File:KapitanIrangaMiklukho-Maklay1915-1918.jpg No author and date given -> enough to determine PD DR/no tags
File:Kapel Amelsdorp.jpg Yes Source is on the image itself, clearly a postcard Clearly OK
File:Kankomaru.png No 19th century image painting -> likely Pd-old Needs DR
File:7th Armored Division.patch.jpg No Pd gov patch Kept after DR
File:7pr-f5.jpg Yes Clear source indication, doubts about UK vs US work DR/Ok, consensus for keep.
File:77th Fighter Squadron F-84Gs RAF Wethersfield.jpg Yes source in description Clearly Ok
File:72champs.png Yes (in old version) author agrees with deletion not a source but copyvio issue
File:SahihMuslimTurkiya.jpg No 1300s image Clearly very old/PD
File:Sahihmuslimkoprulu.jpg No 1300s image Clearly very old/PD