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Welcome to the <a href="">Wikimedia Commons 2007 Picture of the Year</a> archive. The Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year competition is an annually organized competition in which Wikimedians from all <a href="">Wikimedia projects</a> can vote for the Picture of the Year.

2007 was the second such competition since its start in 2006. In the competition all <a href="">Featured Pictures</a> promoted in 2007 were candidates. Featured Pictures are images that the Wikimedia Commons community recognizes as of outstanding quality and value. They can be <a href="">nominated</a> by anyone, and are reviewed by the community which decides whether they are worthy of Featured Picture status.

In 2007 there were 514 images promoted to Featured Picture. The majority are photographs taken by Wikimedia editors, but there are also photographs taken by non-Wikimedians, illustrations, animations, historical photographs and drawings. During the <a href="round1.html">first round</a> of the competition, participants could vote for as many images they liked, resulting in %(votes1)s votes by %(voters1)s people. The top 28 images proceeded to the <a href="final">final</a>. In the final, %(voters2) cast a vote, of which %(votewinner)s were cast on the winner <a href="%(winnerpage)s">%(winnertitle)s</a>. See more results of the <a href="round1.html">first round</a> and <a href="final">final</a>.

<img src="%(winnerimage)s" alt="" /> %(winnertitle)s. Taken by %(winnerauthor).