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OGG video is square, should be widescreenEdit

Okay, so I filmed some footage of a theme park ride in 1080p widescreen. The footage was rendered as an MP4 in an old version of Windows Movie Maker, one new enough to edit HD footage, but old enough not to suck. (Generally when I upload footage to YouTube, I'm stuck plunking in the yt:stretch=16:9 code to force it widescreen. It plays fine in any player offline, but YouTube just doesn't get that its widescreen otherwise.) Anyway, I used online-convert to take it into OGG format, as recommended by one tutorial page on Commons.

Anyone know why the final upload is square? -- Nick Moreau (talk) 14:36, 30 August 2011 (UTC)

I think the program will not make use of the parameter for the aspect ratio. For windows use ffmpeg2theora.exe in the following way :
1) create a new folder
2) download ffmpeg2theora and put it in this folder
3) open a new text document (do it with the Editor not with an office program!). Copy and past from here the following line into the new document:
~path\ffmpeg2theora.exe %1 --videoquality 10 --audioquality 8 --aspect 16:9
4) replace in this line "~path" (to ffmpeg2theora.exe) with the path where ffmpeg2theora.exe is located on your machine.
5) save the document as widescreen.bat (not .txt!!) in the ffmpeg2theora folder.
Now drag and drop your file on this batch and it will start converting. And it will work also with other files...
Well, the resulting files have an very high bitrate and for use in Wikipedia the download time will be to long. So please create also another smaller version of your videos. Open the editor again and write a new batch with the following line:
~path\ffmpeg2theora.exe %1 -x 640 -y 360 -v 8 -a 1 -o %1_640x360.ogv
replace the ~path again and save it as 640x360.bat. By dropping a file it will produce the smaller version for you... Greetings from Germany, --Pristurus (talk) 18:45, 30 August 2011 (UTC)