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I mostly edit on English Wikipedia (my user page there); I also contribute to Commons and Wikidata.

  • All Commons photographs and images that are my work (uploaded either directly or via Buidhe_wiki, my Flickr account) are free to use under any Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons license of your choosing.
  • As for public domain photographs from old print sources, of which I've uploaded a lot to commons, if one version of the same image is free than all versions are free. Therefore, if you find a higher resolution version of the file online, it is free to upload to commons. In such cases I recommend uploading under the same name but different file format (eg. jpg instead of png) and using |other versions= parameter to link them and make earlier publication crystal clear.
  • I can read German, Czech, and Slovak, but not write them. Feel free to post in these languages but I will reply in English.
  • I take requests for the restoration of old photographs if they are either visually striking, historically important or both.

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