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Trees/Shrubs Flowers Flowers/Misc
  • Chrysanthemum, left of fire pit, in front of Shasta daisy
  • Chrysanthemum 'Clara Curtis'
  • Category:Chrysanthemum
  • Silene ‘Firefly’ or Double-flowered Catchfly, around back of birdbath
  • Silene dioica ‘Firefly’
  • Category:Silene dioica
  • Dutch Lavendar to the left of Oranges and Lemons
  • Lavandula x intermedia
  • Category:Lavandula
  • Hybrid Bee Delphinium Delphinium Left of AC unit behind Lupine 'Gallery Blue'
  • Delphinium elatum 'Aurora Light Blue'
  • Category:Delphinium elatum
  • 'Blue Jay Pacific Giant' Delphinium, front of AC left of Oregano
  • Delphinium elatum 'Blue Jay Pacific Giant'
  • Category:Delphinium elatum

Note:Back yard directions are taken from standing next to rear wall of house looking out toward the road.