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Egyptian Museum Munich, November 22, 2014Edit

Ultimate Dinosaur Exhibit, Royal Ontario Museum, August 1, 2012Edit

San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego, April 24, 2012Edit

National Aquarium, Baltimore, April 5, 2011Edit

Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna (November 14, 2010)Edit

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (November 13, 2010)Edit

Burgess Shale Fossils at the Royal Ontario Museum (June 11, 2010)Edit

Plates from Grafton Elliot Smith's "The Royal Mummies", from 1912Edit

Images from the Reserve Head article from the "Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Vol. XIII Boston, April, 1915"Edit

Toronto Orchid Show, April 11, 2009Edit

Caribbean Pictures (March 2009)Edit

Canadian Air and Space Museum (February 21, 2009)Edit

Vale Inco Limited Gallery of Minerals at the Royal Ontario Museum, January 18, 2009Edit

Thu Sep 18 20:51:45 EDT 2008Edit

Mon Sep 15 22:06:15 EDT 2008Edit

Mon Sep 15 19:20:01 EDT 2008Edit

Natural History Museum, London (August 23, 2008)Edit

Petrie Museum, August 21, 2008Edit

Ancient Egyptian Galleries at The British Museum, August 19 and 21, 2008Edit

Items from Other Galleries at The British Museum, August 2008Edit

Shanghai Museum, May 27, 2008Edit

Fenian Monument, Toronto, July 5, 2008Edit

Ontario Science Centre (June 2008)Edit

Redpath Museum, Montreal (June 2008)Edit

Shanghai Museum (May 27, 2008)Edit

Paleozoological Museum of China (May 23, 2008)Edit

Mon May 19 00:00:53 EDT 2008Edit

Sun Dec 30 23:28:26 EST 2007Edit

Updates/Edits to Existing Pictures (Ongoing)Edit

Scottish Festival, Fergus, August 2007Edit

Monterey Bay Aquarium, April 2007Edit

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, March 2007Edit

Royal Ontario Museum (March 2007)Edit

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Museum (March 2007)Edit

Denver International Airport (March 2007)Edit

Rosicrucian Egyptian museum (February 2007)Edit

Egyptian galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (February 2007)Edit

Egyptian galleries at the Brooklyn Museum (January 2007)Edit

Sun Jan 21 08:20:37 EST 2007Edit

Sun Jan 21 00:55:50 EST 2007Edit

Ancient Egyptian Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum (December 2006)Edit

Pictures from the Egyptian Museum, Berlin (November 2006)Edit

Pictures from the Pergamon Museum, Berlin (November 2006)Edit

Picture from Georgian Bay, Ontario (August 2006)Edit

Pictures from Monaco (March 2006)Edit

Royal Ontario Museum dinosaur galleries (September 2005)Edit

Pictures from the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto (September 2005)Edit

Picture from St. Tropez, France (January 2004)Edit

Pictures from Lullingstone Villa, England (May 2001)Edit