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I'm a German Wikipedia user (CENNOXX). On Commons I check images if they are copyright violations, categorize and describe pictures. I also add a few cc-pictures from flickr or generell free pictures, like simple logos.

copyvio reasons
not the own work of the uploader 
[[Commons:Copyright rules by subject matter#Internet images|Internet image]], not the own work of the uploader 
no permission and licence 
[[Commons:Copyright rules by subject matter#Internet images|Internet image]] without permission and licence 
watermark, not the own work of the uploader
not a building or permanently in a public place situated object, so it doesn't fall under Freedom of Panorama
missing permission
:Hi. If you ###, you should send an email to OTRS (as described above) otherwise it couldn't kept on Wikimedia Commons. Thanks for contributing to Wikimedia Commons :)
:Other files that need permission like the one above:
:* [[:
:Thanks for your attention.--~~~~
first copyvio
:Other files that has been marked as a possible copyright violation like the one above:
:* [[:
:If you're uploading pictures to Commons, please make sure, you're the photographer, or the photographer gave you the permission to publish the image. Thanks for your attention.--~~~~
asking for permission
Hello ###,
I found your image of ### while doing research for Wikipedia, and thought that image might be appropriate for inclusion in our article about ###.

So I wanted to ask your permission to upload the picture for Wikipedia. Therefore, I would like to ask you to license the picture under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. You can do this by clicking (edit) next to the 'All rights reserved' on the right of this picture, and then select Attribution-ShareAlike. This license will not cause you to lose your rights on the picture. You can find a summary on the license here:

Since there is no image on the ### page of Wikipedia, this image will probably be shown on that Wikipedia page. This means that anybody viewing the Wikipedia page is only two clicks away from your Flickr page.

Regards, CennoxX.

More information on licensing: