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Use of local iconsEdit

The following wikipedias were found to have local icons:


Design rules
  1. These rules apply only to railway icons, and icons for roads, footpath, and waterways may follow separate conventions. As a converse, non-railway icons should not be included on railway icon indexes
  2. A root should have no more than 4 letters, not counting eventual root affixes (e.g. K-/S-/T-/BHF/-R/-L).
  3. The total number of roots should be kept to a minimum: whenever possible affixes should be used.
  4. All suffixes and prefixes should whenever possible have one character only and refer to a clear element in the icon, there should be no double affixes such as -lf.
  5. Use a track-only root whenever possible.
Naming rules
  1. Direction of travel relative to which left and right are designed is
    • Top to bottom and screen left to screen right ("right to left")
  2. The main line relative to which features are defined is, in descending order of priority:
    1. A straight line (or its equivalent if an icon has odd rotated forms, such as the WYE icons)
      • Vertical
      • Horizontal.   (-q)
      • Diagonal going from corner 4 to 2.   (D-/-D)
      • Diagonal going from corner 3 to 1.   (D--q/-Dq)
    2. A curved line
      • From top to bottom, as in, e.g.   (vSTRgr).
      • From top to a side or corner. [[File:BSicon STR[lr].svg|x20px|border| |class=noviewer]] (STR[lr])
      • From a side or corner to bottom [[File:BSicon STR+[lr#].svg|x20px|border| |class=noviewer]] (STR+[lr#])
      • From a top corner to else where than the top or bottom [[File:BSicon STR[lr#]+[14]/STR14.svg|x20px|border| |class=noviewer]] (STR[lr#]+[14]/STR14)
      • From a side to a bottom corner or between the two bottom corners [[File:BSicon STR[lr]+[23]/STR23.svg|x20px|border| |class=noviewer]] (STR[lr]+[23]/STR23)
    3. In v- icons where there is no difference like   (vSTR) or   (vSTRe), the line on the driver's left is the main, i.e. the screen right or top one
  3. In a few cases (currently only the KRW family), the absence of a straight line in a base which assume its presence is represented by a blank line.
  4. The corners are numbered Clockwise from the the top right corner.
  5. Prefixes are:
    1. Optionally, l-.
    2. Zero or more of u-, e-, x-, m-, in that order.
    3. Zero or one of d-, v-, w-, 1-, 2-
    4. Zero or one of h-, t-
    5. Potentially, s-
      1. The following prefixes may appear as suffixes to indicate the same information about a feature on the icons: -x, -v, -w, -h, -t, -s, with -m substituting for u-.
  6. If a features continues into a direction, it uses the -R, -L, suffixes (eventually combined). If it is only on one side, the same suffixes are used, but with a dash.

Major changes:Edit

  • New and changed roots, root prefixes and suffixes:
  • BLDG
  replaces STRbl/STRbr this is a canal root
  • BRK
  replaces BRÜCKE and (with _legende) BRIDGE
  • DVG
  replaces KRZ-KRZ Diverge/divergieren
  • FRM
  replaces leer Stand-alone FoRMation (cuttings, embankments and elevated structures) that aligns to tracks on an adjacent icon.
  • GRZ
  replaces GRENZE
  • LGD
  replaces _legende and leer For icons that would have STR as the base root (others use l-).
  • NRES
  replaces STR nature reserve
  • PLF
  replaces +BS suffix (Bahnsteig has "Bstg" as an abbreviation, but BS2 and BST make any other root starting with BS- a bad idea)
  • SMT
  replaces STRSummit
  • SKRZ
  replaces AKRZ
  • SPK
  replaces -sl/-sr
  • TNL
  replaces TUNNEL partial tunnels (start and end) uses tROOTa and tROOTe
  • ÜFR
  replaces BL
  • ÜQR
  replaces SBRÜCKE
  • WYE
  replaces ABZ for single-side wyes
  • New modifying prefixes and suffixes:
  • 1/2-
  instead of dashes used to identify lines in asymmetrical v- and w- icons
  • C-
  replaces CUT
  • D-
  new or -D, Diagonal
  • E-
  replaces DAMM
  • K-
  replaces k- applied to KRZ, WYE and ABZ
  • L-
  replaces LUECKE
  • SW-
  new mode change
  • -T
new applied to ABZ for straight T-junctions
will see more use in other families of icons, e.g.   (fJCTr)
  • New and changed general suffixes and prefixes:
  • l-
  replaces _legende legende
  • -(-)L
  replaces -l, -r and -m keeping -M is an option
  • s-
  replaces -C sidings
  • -v
  replaces -r2l/l2r
  • w-
  replaces bu-
  • Partial BRÜCKE and TUNNEL are eliminated in favor of combining h-/t- and -a/e (crossing elevated features use -R and -L):
  • h-a
  replaces partial BRÜCKE
  • t-a
  replaces partial TUNNEL
  • Elimination of roots:
    • Station types are reduced to   (BHF),   (HST),   (DST) and   (BST). Other roots for station types become prefixes and suffix (some of which can be combined):
  • I-
  replaces INT
  • K-
  existing may still be phased out for stations
  • P-
  replaces CPIC
  • X-
  replaces xp- express/partial use
  • -A
  replaces ACC
  • Narrow (d) icons are standardized with regular ones:
  • dKRW-
  replaces dW-
  replaces dWX-
  replaces dX-
  • Elimination of prefixes:
    • c- is not a true root prefix as it is used in a single blank icon (used on no: to align HUB icons overlaid on v- or d- icons, sets of vHUB would indeed be useful!)
    • b- is used only with a few, hardly used switchback station icons, it is replaced with a full-word suffix, but the prefix is reserved in case more such icons are needed
  • The use of -q is generalized for transverse icons, with -qa/-qe replacing -l/-r whenever possible for horizontal icons.

Areas of compromiseEdit

There is wiggle room in a number of areas:

  • The system currently enforces that turns are described relative to the main line instead of relative to the default vertical line, but this is not absolutely necessary, though it does provide a helpful connection between rotated icons.
  • Some root changes might not be implemented, such as SBRUCKE to ÜQR.
  • It might or might not be decided to keep the K- prefix.
  • k- and b- might still be retained as lowercase prefixes.
  • The combination of -R and -L is suggested, but using -M is also possible (lowercase m is redefined serve as the -x to um-).
  • The P- and X- prefixes for stations might be exchanged.

Icon setsEdit