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Wikipedia:Image:GreysAnatomyFacebook.JPG|Grey's Anatomy Facebook spoof
Wikipedia:Image:Sublime10thAnniversaryDeluxe.JPG|Sublime deluxe album cover
Wikipedia:Image:LivePhishHalloween.JPG|LivePhish Halloween series logo
Wikipedia:Image:WhyTryHarder-AmericanVersion.jpg|Fatboy Slim's Why Try Harder
Wikipedia:Image:JerryAndBrentGrey.JPG‎|Grateful Dead's "Touch of Grey" music video
Wikipedia:Image:Pearl Jam Vs Vinyl.JPG‎|Pearl Jam's Vs. alternate album cover
Wikipedia:Image:PHCD66.jpg‎|Phish's Live in Brooklyn album cover
Wikipedia:Image:Clapton Rainbow Remaster.jpg‎|Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert album cover
Wikipedia:Image:Clapton Deluxe.jpg‎|Eric Clapton's debut album cover
Wikipedia:Image:Worldtrade.jpg|World Trade Center film poster
Wikipedia:Image:Rudy2.jpg‎|Rudy film poster
Wikipedia:Image:GDtouchofgreyvinyl.jpg|Grateful Dead's "Touch of Grey" single cover
Wikipedia:Image:RentMovie2005.jpg|RENT film soundtrack album cover

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