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I'm French, amongst many things, I like to take photos.

I'm only starting to build my user page on Commons, do not hesitate to write in English on My talk page.

My user nameEdit

In French, it sound a bit like "C'est qui ?" meaning "Who's that?" but it is only an accident, it is built around my name, first name Claude, last name Qui.

I first used it in English forums and didn't realize this until I started editing on Wikipédia in French and got remarks about it.

My photosEdit

Link to the list of files I have uploaded.

Morning in Howth harbour, Ireland.

I used to live near Rathgar and en:Milltown, walking along this river to go to work.

I spent some time in Texas, I loved the place and travelled around a bit. See more photos of Texas.

I am of Corsican origins. See more photos of Corsica.

See more photos of Sardinia

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