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So I need some photos for Wikipedia articles, and so I guess I need to figure out how to put them here. I guess I'm technically a professional photographer—I was paid USD 200 once by a Japanese magazine for a flower photo that they didn't use.

I don't participate in Category Wars.


It's easier to keep a clean list here (newest at top) than at my contributions.

  1. File:Pastern flexion.jpg - check usage
  2. File:Pine young stem XS2.jpg - check usage
  3. File:Pine young stem XS.jpg - check usage
  4. File:Pine wood TLS.jpg - check usage
  5. File:Fern young sporophyte WM 2.jpg - check usage
  6. File:Fern young sporophyte WM 1.jpg - check usage
  7. File:Fern young gametophyte.jpg - check usage
  8. File:Zamia ovule LS.jpg - check usage
  9. File:Uncinula cleistothecia on lf.jpg - check usage
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  11. File:Umbilicaria thallus XS.jpg - check usage
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  14. File:Triticum fl WM.jpg - check usage
  15. File:Selaginella strobilus LS high.jpg - check usage
  16. File:Selaginella strobilus LS.jpg - check usage
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  164. Image:Hordeum murinum 2003-04-07.jpgcheck usage
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  287. Image:Fire lookout atop Red Butte, Arizona 2004-10-19.jpgcheck usage

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Hello Curtis,

My name is Karla Linder, and I work at Adventure Publications in Cambridge, MN ( We’re currently working on a book called, “Wildflowers of Southern California Quick Guide” which is due out Fall 2017.

We’re writing because we’d like to use your image of the following species in our book:

Species Name: Ehrendorferia chrysantha Link:

As we understand it, you’ve shared the image on Wikipedia and it is public domain. We’d like to ask for your permission to use the above image in both books.

If you grant permission… 1) Please let me know how your photo credit should read. 2) We’d like to send you a free copy of the book. What is your mailing address?

Please let us know what you think, and thanks.

Karla Linder Production