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My precious
This user is a self-proclaimed admirer and collector of art. The user gains enormous joy in assimilating fine examples of art which the user deems fit. This collections does not mean to hurt any copyright law and user whatsoever. The user takes sole responsibility about the content of art which was collected tirelessly by the user alone. Now you might be thinking, "Why doesn't the user upload any personal work?" To answer the question, the user does upload art of own creation but the user seldom does that. Maybe the user believes that the work in question might be used for some unprecedented purpose(s). Even if the user do upload work(s), it is not because what someone might call an act of charity, it is because the user was thinking something else at that moment. A particular moment does not last much long, but it lasts long enough for the work to get uploaded. The user welcomes you to visit the gallery. You might want to give feedback on the gallery. Hope you like it.