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Dirk P Broer is at present an IT specialist professionally and an amateur historian in several fields. He has spent much of his working life -after having being educated as an experimental psychologist- in first, second and third line help desk functions, sharing his passion for computers, science fiction, speedskating, history and aviation with both children and adults.

A member of the KNSB (Royal Dutch Skating Union) speedkating statisticians committee, he is the co-author of two books about Dutch speedskating championships:

  • Nederlandse Kampioenschappen Hardrijden Langebaan 1887-2003 (Hoogland, Netherlands: KNSB, 2003. No ISBN)
  • Nederlandse Kampioenschappen Kortebaan en Supersprint 1924-2005 (Hoogland, Netherlands: KNSB, 2005. No ISBN)

Dirk received a Doctoral degree (Dutch 'Drs', equivalent of Masters plus Bachelor degree) in Experimental Psychology at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands.

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