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Here I just make and upload not very wonderful pictures to try and help out with what I write on en.wikipedia.

You can find my wiki persona there at [User:Dmcq].

My contributions hereEdit

<gallery> Image:Woodsprung.svg|Sprung floor: Basketweave Image:Sprung floor wood low profile.svg|Sprung floor: Low profile File:Haga theorem 1.svg|Haga theorem 1 Image:Delian origami.svg|Construction of cube root of 2 using origami File:Origami Trisection of an angle.svg|Trisecting an angle using origami File:Maekawas Theorem.svg|Illustration of Maekawas Theorem number of valley's and folds differs by 2 at a point File:Napkin folding problem Lang N 5.svg|Crease pattern for 25 point sea urchin type solution for Napkin folding problem File:Miura-Ori CP.svg|Crease pattern for an example Miura-ori File:Smart waterbomb.jpeg|Smart waterbomb - circular base and curved folds Image:Selfridge–Conway.svg|Selfridge-Conway fair division Image:Stromquist moving knife.svg|stromquist moving-knife procedure File:MOS triangle.svg|Math MOS geometry illustration File:Hypotenuse.svg|Illustrate what the hypotenuse is File:Codomain2.SVG|Codomain of a function (updated from Damien Karras) Image:Principal value of arg.svg|Principal value of the arg function File:Atan2 60.svg|circle with some values of atan2 Image:Exp tangent.svg|Deriviative of exponential function equals the function File:Euclid 1 5 greek.svg|Euclid bk1 prop5 pons asinorum, greek letters File:Euclid 1 5 en.svg|Euclid bk1 prop5 pons asinorum, english letters File:Multiply 4 bags 3 marbles.svg|Multiplication example 4 bags of three coloured marbles File:Multiply field fract.svg|Area of field by multiplication File:Multiply scaling.svg|Multiplication: Two scaled by 3 produces 6 File:Pizza proof without words.svg|A proof without words for the pizza theorem File:Nicomachus_theorem.svg|A proof without words for Nicomachus's theorem File:Annulus area.svg|Area of annulus determined by tangent length File:Mamikons Theorem.svg|Basic idea of Mamikon's theorem File:Mamikon Cycloid.svg|Finding the area of a cycloid using Mamikon's theorem File:LillsMethod.svg|Solving polynomials using Lill's method File:LillsQuadratic.svg|Solution of ax2+bx+c using Lill's method. Solutions are −AX1/SA, −AX2/SA File:Braced antiparallelogram.svg|Antiparallelogram linkage with bracing to not turn into a parallelogram File:Sylvester's Link Fan.svg|Sylvester's Link Fan or Isoklinstat to trisect angles File:3D Spherical 2.svg|Spherical coordinate system with a common maths convention opposite to that in physics File:Penrose Gingerbread.png|Penrose tiling of gingerbread men File:Penrose Roman.png|Penrose tiling like a Roman floor File:Tesseract corner perspective.png|Perspective projection of a tesseract with hidden vertex elimination. File:Tesseract-perspective-vertex-first-PSPclarify.png|Tesseract with hidden volume elimination showing nearest point (updated from Tetracube) File:Convexsquare.svg|Demonstrate that the projection of a square can be concave File:IQ distribution.svg|Normalized IQ distribution mean 100 and standard deviation 15