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User:Donald Trung/Art-Hanoi PD-scan import list

An image of a Bảo Đại Thông Bảo (保大通寶) donated by Pyvanet/Sema to the English Wikipedia that was transferred to Wikimedia Commons.

Art-Hanoi is a website operated by Sema that hosts a large collection of images of Vietnamese and French Indo-Chinese coins and banknotes dating from the creation of the Nguyễn Dynasty until today. Originally I had come across this website through Wikipedia as the owner is also the author of the article w:en:Vietnamese cash which made me fall in love 💘 with Vietnamese cash coins, Sema (or Pyvanet) added his website to the “External links 🔗” section of every Wikipedia article even vaguely related to any of the subjects he covers. Eventually I started adding content from his websites and have probably linked to his website way more than he (Sema/Pyvanet) ever has 😅, all links 🔗 I added were perfectly within context and non-promotional, and claiming that I did so with a supposed “(obvious) conflict of interest” is both misleading and slanderous. Art-Hanoi hosts the book Annam and its minor currency by Eduardo Toda y Güell from the 19th century, but other than that the website also hosts scans of every French Indo-Chinese and Vietnamese banknote. As every non-copyrighted (modern) Vietnamese banknote is already on Wikimedia Commons I plan on importing every scan of every French Indo-Chinese banknote hosted on Art-Hanoi.

A partial reason why I do this is out of the fear 😱 that Art-Hanoi will one day spontaneously “disappear” as I have seen happen to other websites, and public knowledge hosted on those websites are then lost forever if Internet Archivists (such as myself) haven't saved them anywhere else. And this page serves as “my mission” so save (before salvaging is necessary) every PD-scan of French Indo-Chinese banknotes on Art-Hanoi. As of January 2018 I have imported all information ℹ hosted on the website on the history of the currencies it concerns, but to make Wikimedia projects the #1 place for (the) historical currencies of Viet-Nam and French Indo-China these images must be imported, and as I can tell other users have imported the North-Vietnamese banknotes hosted on Art-Hanoi before me, but they haven’t imported the French Indo-Chinese banknotes, so that’ll be my duty. As I’ve already written myriads of texts about Art-Hanoi and it's owner Sema/Pyvanet~commonswiki on Wikimedia projects I will cut ✂ this short and won't go into too much details. The images of the banknotes of French Indo-China will also have to be added to new categories, and Art-Hanoi also lists paper money 💴 used in French Cochinchina of which images are so rare that they make unicorns 🦄 look like oxygen (metaphorically speaking), as Art-Hanoi lists more of these images than any other website (that I'm aware of) I shall import these first before searching 🔍 for more PD-scans of French Indo-Chinese banknotes or searching for other variants not listed on Art-Hanoi.

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Note 📝, although Art-Hanoi has “an Asshall” (“The list of assholes abusing and stealing our images”) scans of images cannot be considered to be “copyrighted” as they do not 🙊 pass the threshold of originality. Any claim of copyright © by Sema and/or Art-Hanoi on these scans are unfounded. For further information ℹ, please see Template:PD-scan.

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