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User:Donald Trung/Defunct websites on Oriental numismatics (and why it’s important to import images to Wikimedia Commons)

An image of a Javanese imitation of a cash coin on Wikimedia Commons from a website which hasn't been updated in over a decade.

In my many years surfing the internet I’ve seen a lot of websites come and go, and while information on a certain subject may seem abundant today it could enter “a dark age” tomorrow simply because no-one bothered to archive the information available on the subject today. There have been many images of Chinese cash coins that I (we) simply can’t access today because the website where they were hosted has disappeared, the same goes for the information hosted there. For that reason it’s important to import as much as possible to Wikimedia Commons because while the information may seem easily accessible today, it could be gone tomorrow. If you have a passion for a subject then don't wait to import it because it could be gone tomorrow.

For this reason I imported all information on Chinese cash coins, Chinese charms, Chinese amulets, Chinese talismans, Chinese tokens (as an alternative currency), Chinese bamboo tallies, Japanese cash coins, Korean cash coins, Ryukyuan cash coins, Indonesian cash coins, Vietnamese cash coins, all their respective charms, amulets, and talismans, &c. to Wikimedia websites (such as Wikipedia), while all the information is safe on Wikimedia now many of the images from those websites are still not here, while I try to import as much as possible, if any of them “goes dark” tomorrow these media files might be gone forever. Because of this it’s very important to import them to Wikimedia Commons because anyone building “the websites of tomorrow” could benefit from having access to information from “the websites of yesterday”, we don't have to “start all over again” with every iteration and with all my hard work this thankfully won’t ever be necessary.

For this reason one of my primary reasons for importing images to Wikimedia Commons is the preservation of the knowledge for posterity.

Vladimir Belyaev’s list of Asian numismatic websitesEdit

The Muscovite Vladimir Belyaev lists the following websites on the Chinese Coinage Website (, in an attempt to showcase how bad 🙅‍♀️ it has become with the availability of websites dedicated to Chinese numismatics and exonumismatics I will list 📃 which ones are still in operation today, and which ones aren't, as my main and primary motivation for importing all of the information from Chinese numismatics websites to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons was to make sure that the information wouldn’t be lost to those with internet access the fact that this list contains so many 404’s simply how important it is for us to work to preserve this information right now.

South-East Asian Coins and Related Web Links” (from by Vladimir Belyaev):

  • Website: ANS East Asia department.
  • Website: [h ANS coins database].
    • Bare URL (2): h
    • Description (C): Search ANS coins database
      • Owner (country): ANS East Asia department (United States of America).
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   Hmm, we can’t reach this page. (Microsoft Edge standard message.)
  • Website: Grifter.
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   Oops! That page can’t be found.
  • Website: Sycee on-line.
    • Bare URL:
    • Description: Web site of highly proffesional expert in Sycee's.
      • Owner (country): Stephen Tai (Republic of China – Taiwan).
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   Still on-line.
  • Website: Asian Numismatics.
    • Bare URL: (
    • Description: Dedicated to the Study of Ancient Coins from Asia and the World. Very imteresting and important information about Chinese and Vietnamese cash coins, including anti-forgeries guide.
      • Owner (country): Allan Barker (Singapore).
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   Automatically redirects to
  • Website: Chinese Silver Sycee.
    • Bare URL:
    • Description: This site is for all sycee collectors and fans.
      • Owner (country): Danny Cheng (Hong Kong).
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   The domain is for sale.
  • Website: The coins of Xinjiang.
    • Bare URL:
    • Description: Well-organized website devoted to China's Western Frontier coins.
      • Owner (country): Not listed (United States of America).
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   Darlinghurst Home Renovation Services (Darlinghurst –, well “Darlinghurst” has got to be the most spammy name ever spammed, no wonder they bought a completely unrelated webdomain. Strangely enough they talk about contacting them if you need your home 🏠 remodeled yet there are literally no contact details, this is really bizarre.
    • Bare URL:
    • Description: Vietnam coins, banknotes, ingots - very informative site.
      • Owner (country): Chi D. Nguyen (United States of America).
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   Hmm, we can’t reach this page. (Microsoft Edge standard message.)
  • Website: Coins of the Orient.
    • Bare URL:
    • Description: Very nice site with some interesting information
      • Owner (country): Greg Kareofelas (United States of America).
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   Some really weird domain people could lease.
  • Website: Rare Chinese coins.
  • Status (as of July 17th, 2018):   This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.
  • Website: Tibetan Numismatic Homepage.
  • Status (as of July 15th, 2018):   Internal Server Error – “The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”
  • Website: The Home page.
    • Bare URL:
    • Description: Lovely and interestingly made website devoted to Chinese coins.
      • Owner (country): Lars Bo Christensen (Kingdom of Denmark).
  • Status (as of July 15th, 2018):   Still operational and accessible.
  • Website: The Coins of Ancient China.
  • Status (as of July 15th, 2018):   Hmm, we can’t reach this page. (Microsoft Edge standard message.)

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