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An example of an image of a coin originally posted to Verizon's Flickr and imported to Wikimedia Commons (Photographer: Jean-Michel Moullec).

This is a list of Flickr albums that are too large to import in a single run, or would require me to import once every few hours due to the upload rate limit.

Additionally I've added a list of users with regular high quality uploads to watch.

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Disclaimer: I am not employed by or get paid by Verizon, Yahoo!, and/or Flickr, I only seek to import images from this website that can serve an educational purpose, not to help advertise this platform. Further the fact that I keep items on this list is not an endorsement of any of the linked people/projects, only a maintenance ⛑🏻 list for administrative purposes and to keep a check on the list for later import, I do not advise anyone to use Verizon's Flickr and am not affiliated with the service.

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