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This is a list 📃 of stuff that is preventing me from retiring. I’ve had this to-do list 📃 for quite some time ⌚ but prefer to put it online so I can have a good overview of it, related tasks are not listed.

List 📃 of things to do before I can finally retireEdit

Thing to do Status
Import all images from Scott Semans World Coins (
Import all banknotes 💴 from that are in the public domain.
Finish importing all eligible banknotes from Sema's Art-Hanoi website.   Done.
Import all images from Bob Reis’ Anything Anywhere that he has given OTRS permission for.   Invalid permission.
Import all books 📚 from the FORVM Library of Ancient Coinage.   Done.
Launch WikiProject Books.   Done.
Import all images from Bert Lijnema.
Import all images of Hansatsu from the Zeno Oriental Coins Database (
Import all images of Hansatsu from the British Museum.   Outsourced.


Original publication 📤Edit

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