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User:Donald Trung/Taskforces within WikiProject Numismatics

This is a collection of specialised taskforces that I would like to propose for the WikiProject Numismatics on Wikimedia Commons.

Taskforce FlickrEdit

Taskforce Flickr will essentially be a hub or "watch list" of Flickr users known for uploading high quality images of coins, banknotes, ans tokens and then periodically check these authors to upload those images using Flickr2Commons.

A good example of what this taskforce could do is follow people like Jean-Michel Moullec who uploads high quality images of Oriental (mostly Chinese), Indian, Islamic, and Breton coins on a regular basis.

Taskforce Unidentified and Misidentified coinsEdit

This is a taskforce concerned with identifying and correctly organise coins that are unidentified. This taskforce could also concern themselves with correctly identifying misidentified coins.

Taskforce GLAM and outreachEdit

This is for individuals who want to contact various musea and individuals well-known within the Numismatics Community to request them to donate their images to Wikimedia Commons. It might also be wise to try to get more members of the Numismatic Community to join Wikimedia Commons by telling them about the advantages of uploading images of coins and paper money 💴 in numismatic fora.

I would personally advise members to share the e-mails they send on-wiki both for transparency and to notify other users which individuals and institutions have been contacted.

Taskforce tokensEdit

This taskforce concerns themselves with Exonumia which by itself could be their own WikiProject as there are probably more variants of Exonumia than there are of government-created coins.

Taskforce NotaphilyEdit

This is a taskforce that concerns themselves with paper money and scrip. With the size of Wikimedia Commons and the large collection of banknotes, coinnotes, silver certificates 📜, and gold certificates 📜 this taskforce could be a WikiProject by themselves, but it would probably be best to create them as a taskforce within the WikiProject Numismatics before spinning them off.

Localised taskforcesEdit

These are taskforces that mostly concern themselves with more localised categories such as only Ancient Roman coins, or Persian coins, Indian coins, Chinese coins, Etc. Localised taskforces should best be created on demand, and wouldn't warrant their own subpages until they have at least 3 (three) participating members.

Parent conceptEdit