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Near infrared image
Same tree in visible light
Emerging bubble at La Brea Tar Pits

Critters and plantsEdit

Long-Nosed Leopard lizzard, AZ, USA
Greater earless lizard, TX, USA
likely a Western Gull, CA, USA
Same sea gull close up, CA, USA
Argiope bruennichi (St Andrew's Cross spider)
Araneus diadematus (garden spider) back
Araneus diadematus (garden spider) front

New ZealandEdit

Square Kauri
Arthur's Pass Village
Driving fast on Arthur's Pass
Octagon town centre, Dunedin
Areal view of Port Waikato, NZ


Bernina pass road from Ospizio Bernina, Swizerland
Looking down on Ospizio Bernina, Switzerland
Gotthard Base Tunnel under construction
Clock tower in Solothurn


Freiburg Münster medieval cathedral
Kunsthalle w:Emden
w:Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Main Station)
Nordseewerke Shipyards, Emden
Nordseewerke Shipyards, Emden
Air pollution measurement station in w:Emden
Beach_chair on the Baltic Sea coast
Old Elbe Tunnel


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USA Edit

Carlsbad Caverns panoramic image
View from 'Top of the Rock' at dusk
Grant's tomb
Williamsburg Bridge
Balanced Rock, Arches NP, Utah
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA
Judge Roy Bean's "Opera House"
A tourist visits the preserved Jersey Lilly saloon
Section of the Morris Canal in Montville Township, NJ.
Street vendors at the Feast of San Gennaro
Santa Monica beach and pier
Smith and 9th in Brooklyn
Staten Island Ferry
Staten Island Ferry
Coney Island boardwalk and parachute jump
White Castle in Queens, NY
Marfa lights viewing platform
NYPD on Times Square
Times Square
Terry's Coffee Shop, Brooklyn, NY


Rolls of pack-twine
Dripping faucet
Dripping faucet
Sewingmachine detail
Pixels on an LCD monitor
Ballpoint pen, writing
Ballpoint pen tip, scale 1mm
Ballpoint pen, writing


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