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Welcome to my lousy userpage !

Own workEdit

Some asorted media, i have contributed yet.


Firework releated stuff mostly by Chritian Haselgrübler, a friend of mine.

kde-look.orgEdit is a nice artwork page of the KDE-project with themes, window-decs, fonts, mouse-themes and Wallpapers. The most wallpapers are linux related and/or such things like Gimp-works. But there are also lots of free photos and some are usefull for wikimedia.commons. So i started to add the best pictures to this project here. Thanks to all the great artists, who took the following images.

Parkes observatory, Black labrador, Vancouver at night, Crystalized Tux, Waterdrop, Double rainbow, Coffee close-up, VW-Bus, Subway station in Toronto, London Eye, Mount Rushmore, Azure Window, Bombylius Major, Dresden at night, Frog, Skoda trolley, Icestorm, Jail in Annecy, Erice Fort, Science museum valencia, Ballpen head, Kizkulesi, Old brick wall, Large fire

Some of the best: