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ETH Zurich
ETH Zurich

Founded in 1855, ETH-Bibliothek is the largest public library for science and technology in Switzerland. Besides providing information for members of ETH Zurich, it also offers resources to the interested public and to companies in research and development. One of ETH-Bibliothek’s key focuses is the development of its digital information services. ETH-Bibliothek’s Collections and Archives also constantly expand their online platforms to make their valuable holdings accessible to the public.

Image collections on Wikimedia CommonsEdit

ETH-Bibliothek's photographic and audio-visual documents are curated by the Image Archive. Its almost 3 million documents include ETH Zurich's Portrait and View Collection, images included in various personal papers and major image collections, among them pictures by the photographic agency Comet Photo AG, aerial photographs of the Luftbild Schweiz Archive or the Swissair Photo Archive.

Initiated by a partnership project with Wikimedia CH, public-domain and CC-BY-SA-licensed content in the Image Archive will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons starting in the spring of 2016. This will enable the Wikipedia community and people interested in other Wikimedia projects to use these collections for their encyclopaedic work.

This account is currently managed by:

  • Lea Bollhalder, shortly: ^LB

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