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Hi there, My name is Ed. I build things with 3-D molecular building and simulation software. I start with simple 3-d models, add them together with standard bonding rules, and construct larger molecules. This page shows examples of what can be constructed together with the building pieces and steps I use to construct molecules. If you feel a 3-d animation picture is appropriate somewhere, please leave me a note and I will try to make copy.

Molecular bonding picturesEdit

Covalent bondingEdit

Examples of building structurally correct covalent bonds

Multiple Hydrogen bonds for Methane, Ammonia and WaterEdit

Examples of building simple molecules.

Carbon bonding and the HydrocarbonsEdit

Examples of more complex carbon bonds

Oxygen/Nitrogen bondingEdit

Examples of other organic molecule bonding

Construction of molecules using organic bondsEdit


These examples show the use of multiple bonds to construct hydrocarbons using the correct bond lengths and angles.

Alcohols and AcidsEdit

These examples show alcohols and sugars constructed with proper angles and distances using the building blocks above.

Alcohols include a single bonded Oxygen

Acids include the double bonded Oxygen


Alpha Glucose is in a ring structure and flattened out. These combine to become starches and cell coatings. Beta Glucose becomes plant cellulose.

Fatty acidsEdit

Long hydrocarbon acid chains are called fatty acids. Palmitic and Oleic acids form the basis of lipids, the main building block of biological cell walls.

Complex moleculesEdit

Amino for constuction and nucleic acids for information storage

Hydrogen Energy LevelsEdit

Other pictorial stylesEdit