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Hi! I first started contributing to the English Wikipedia in September 2007. After a while I began to upload images, and later went on to create a Wikimedia Commons account here for them. However as more and more of my work became photo-based I became less active on Wikipedia and more active here on Commons. I do still edit from time to time on Wikipedia so to find out more take a look at my userpage there.

I live on the Isle of Wight, so most of my uploaded images were taken there. Although I also have photos in Portsmouth and Brighton, among other places. To view all of my images, take a look at my user category here.

Any suggestions on things I should photograph, then please leave a message on my user talk page.

I mainly upload images I have taken myself using the Commonist tool. However whenever I have time I also search for freely licensed content on Flickr or other similar sites and transfer it to Commons. I mainly concentrate on past events that I have been unable to attend or get photographs of, to ensure there is still coverage of it here on Commons.


Since starting to take photos I have used a variety of cameras:

  • Casio EX-Z70 - The first camera I began to take photos with. It produced some good photos while the lighting was good, however as soon as the quality of the light began to decrease, so did the quality of the image. In addition to this it lacked useful features such as a burst mode, with photos often bluring. It lasted me until the end of 2009 when it was really on its last legs and I got a replacement. I still have it on me, mainly for use as a spare if my others go.
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W290 - My replacement camera and a make I would heavily recommend. I started taking photos with it from about the start of 2010. It's been great not only in well-lit conditions but also produces some fantastic low-light photos. Many excellent features for programming have also helped to get better images.
  • Sony Alpha 350 - A great camera, but being as SLR can be a lot to lug around with you, which is why fewer of the images I've uploaded are taken with it.
  • Panasonic DMC-FX07 - The camera I use most often if my main compact Sony camera is out of action. The most notable time when this was the case was in July and August 2010, when it was damaged and had to be sent for repairs.
  • Nokia 5530 - If I really have no other camera with me at a certain point, I'll almost certainly have my phone which sometimes has to do. The camera isn't brilliant by any means but is sometimes better than missing the opportunity to photograph something entirely.

Current workEdit