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Symbol delete vote.svg Delete This template should be deprecated and then deleted; it's rude, IMO:

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Users of this template are, in my experience, typically being dishonest:

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Elvey is taking a short break and will be back at Commons soon.

Some edits I'm proud of: http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Commons:Copyright_tags&diff=30429520&oldid=30196977 ; see my uploads.

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Some deletions that seem idiotic to meEdit

  • {{PD-USGov-DHS-CGAUX}} - and all the files that used it - even though they were indeed works of the US Government, and thus PD-ineligible, among others, surely applied.
  • {{PD-NJGov}} - see the deletion and DRs!
  • File:Thomas Eric Duncan.jpg. This was free content, properly documented; relied on a valid (and yet deleted) template, Template:Free--PublicOnFacebook.
  • PRP: more evidence/example of its stupidity.
  • Jimbo may agree with me; he says: "I think that commons policy is enforced inconsistently and also needs some revision. I think that some of the people who are admins at commons are among the weakest admins that we have in all the projects, and that this is a core part of the problem. I think that far too many people on both sides are prone to framing this as having anything at all to do with "prudishness", rather than having to do with what are fundamentally issues of human dignity. I encourage anyone who is concerned about these issues to coordinate carefully, get involved at commons, and work to improve things. I don't have the time, and my own personal conflicts with people at commons lead me to think that I would do more harm than good trying to get personally involved.--Jimbo Wales (talk) 2:34 pm, 8 May 2013, Wednesday (1 year, 4 months, 30 days ago) (UTC−7) (source).
  • A lot of Denniss' "work". Example.