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Users of this template are, in my experience, typically being dishonest:

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Elvey is taking a short break and will be back at Commons soon.

Some edits I'm proud of: ; see my uploads.




I created, revived or defended, here and on commons, many licensing templates, including {{PD-FLGov}}, used for over 100 commons images and many en images, as well as {{FLGovernment}}, {{PD-CAGov}}, {{PD-MAGov}}, {{PD-NJGov}} (which lost a foolish TfD and DR, both railroaded by Carnildo), and {{PD-laws}}. Proud of these 2 widely positively impactful edits I think'll help users a lot - people who couldn't (figure out how to/easily) search archives are able to quickly do so now, on ~50,000 (?+40,000) popular pages, hopefully improving discussion quality!

Articles I created include:


On the deletion side, I RfD'd inappropriate state copyright templates, like PD-MDGov.

Articles I had deleted include:

To DoEdit

Write MAT release. [1] [2] See/make/redirect B-roll, VNR.


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I've provided responsible disclosure of and been involved in Wikipedia/MediaWiki vulnerabilities.

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