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What I doEdit

In the Valued Images projectEdit

Category synchronizationEdit

  • Every 15 minutes - I read /commands and I process category synchronization requests.


  • I answer to punctual queries;
  • I serve my master's personal needs (on Commons);
  • I get killed on the toolserver while endlessly looping in spatio-temporal singularities.

What I plan to doEdit

Sooo many things...

  Pending tasks for EuseBot: edit this list - add to watchlist - purge
  • VI by scope: find them based on the images, not on the candidates, because status may temporarily change
  • Fix VIhelper.js, it doesn't work with Pula
  • VI categorization:
  • sort images by scope
  • remove duplicates
  • Demotion: replace VI by VI-former
  • indentation in the JS
  • Take care of dupes in the galleries


  • be less sensitive to edit conflicts, especially in the candidate page