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Candy IntroEdit

My video game gallery is the most comprehensive I've done, but my time spent with candy also produced a rather complete archive of photos. When I was starting out, candy was a great subject to get into, just because it's something that everyone loves and is rather cheap. There is difficulty in shooting chocolate in a hot, New York City apartment, but living in NYC was a boon for getting a wide array of candy from the US as well as the world. There's lot of bodegas, drug stores and specialty shops (Economy Candy was most useful) that made it rather easy to get the candy below.

For completeness, most candies from English-speaking countries have been photographed. There's always limited-run candies being produced, but most of the mainstays are covered. It'd be difficult, but someday I hope to expand into candies from other world regions like Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Hershey BrandsEdit

Hershey Brands

Mars BrandsEdit

Mars Brands

Cadbury BrandsEdit

Cadbury Brands

Nestle BrandsEdit

Nestle Brands

Australian BrandsEdit

Australian Brands

Willy Wonka BrandsEdit

Willy Wonka Brands

Tootsie Roll BrandsEdit

Tootsie Roll Brands

Necco BrandsEdit

Necco Brands

Misc. Candy BrandsEdit

Misc. Candy Brands

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