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Erik's favoritesEdit

White tigers
The Miyako Odori (Cherry Blossom Dance) in Kyoto
A plastic clown, one of many kitsch objects in a supermall
Panorama of a Key West beach in Florda
Panorama of Bergamo, Italy
Panorama of Montreal, Canada at night
Winter Palace in St. Petersburg
View from Grouse Mountain of Vancouver, Canada
A demonstration against the persecution of Falun Gong in China
A chandelabra made of bones in Kutna Hora Ossuary, Czech Republic
Smoke billows in the Exploratorium in San Francisco
Alligator heads in New Orleans.
A ram, lambs, and chickens.
A 1928 Model A Ford oldtimer.
A candle maker presents a candle.
A fly
Leaf cutter ants

Jellyfish at the Monterey Aquarium
Deer near Pebble Beach, California
Oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico
The Thames Barrier in London
Dante Alighieri statue in Florence, Italy
Passion flower
Climbers in the Seilpark Gantrisch, Switzerland
Bang Pa-in Palace
Horseman statue in St. Petersburg
Buddhist prayer at Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok
Cape of Good Hope peninsula
Daikoku, God of Wealth according to Taoism
Shannon Falls in British Columbia, Canada
Loch Tay, Scotland

Angela's favoritesEdit

Dawn in Borneo
CCBB in Rio de Janeiro

Fruggo's favoritesEdit

The Great Wall of China
Dragonfly on a lilly
Traditional sailboat (Mozambique)

Andre's favoritesEdit

(Some earlier pictures are already in Erik's list above, in particular the fly picture)

Cat jumping
Ruins of Monte Alban, Mexico
Boy fishing
Covered bridge, Tofukuji temple, Kyoto
Two rhinoceroses, Kruger Park, South Africa
Cow drinking at a trough
Three-dimensional images in crystals
Foetus (in a natural history museum)
Hoverfly on a flower
Actor Jim Brochu putting on his make-up before a play
Silk spider turned cannibalistic
Hiroshima castle
Eskdale Farm, Cumbria/Lake District
Ponte Nomentano, Rome
Ants (Formica japonica) carrying a worm to the nest together
Shoemaker in Karachi
Bee (apis mellifera) near flower
Hibiscus flower
Worried girl
Hoover Dam
Grazing highland cattle
Jockey Frankie Dettori
A painter at work
Evidence that one reached the top of Mt. Fuji
Selecting a bikini
Wasp eating a caterpillar
Thermal pool in Yellowstone National Park
Dachau concentration camp
Mother and child in a not-so-pleasant discussion
Playing the cello
Hindu cremation site on the Ganges, Varanasi, India
Professional baseball game
Landmine victim
Dandelion close-up
Mountain gorilla
Bird landing at the nest to feed its young
Opera in Taiwan
Cheetahs eating
Falcon in flight
Royall Albert Hall
Thai boy playing a traditional instrument
Man in Transylvania carrying a scythe
Cart pulled by zebus in Madagascar
Mount Vesuvius
Morning over Madison, Wisconsin
File:Fountains Abbey East end.jpg
Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire
File:Beijing Bottle Broker.jpg
Man in Beijing trying to make a living out of collecting plastic bottles from the garbage

Chaerani's favoritesEdit

G8 Demonstration in edinburgh
Fort Pulaski Interior, Savannah, Georgia

Greudin's favoritesEdit


Hołek's favoritesEdit

Statue in Minute Man National Historical Park
Crow on the sign of no parking
File:Balancing on the Log.jpg
Girl balancing on a log
White Moth

KenWalker's favouritesEdit

Long Red Fence
Flame Tree
Spiral Staircase
High School
Wire Light
Spiny Fish
Reunion Scene
Ingresso, Villa Carlotta
Box Turtle lunching on strawberries
Yellow Day Lilly
Antarctic Fur Seal
3 Birds
Roman Senate
Fat Air
Winter 1
Winter 2
London Signpost