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Fma12 (account created March 9, 2006), nickname for Fernando Martello.

I'm an Argentine user and a strong fan of sports and arts. I started making my contributions through my own-created football kit templates for Argentine teams (using Photoshop as software). Primarily, only football templates were made, by then I expanded the range of contributions to other sports like basketball, rugby union and field hockey.

I was also interested in copyright, showing a deep respect for original authorships, many times ignored for some users that try to claim the copyright of a work they did not created but only vectorized. I understand that they CAN'T be credited as the original creators of such works.

The nick "Fma12" is a combination of my name's first characters and the number "12", which is used by Boca Juniors' fans to define themselves as strong supporters of that glorious football team.

See my user page at the English Wikipedia: Fma12

My contributionsEdit

I've been rendering some North American major leagues uniforms to be used on Wikipedia. They include american football, baseball, college and lacrosse leagues. All graphics were created with Corel Draw to illustrate Wikipedia articles related.

Vector graphicsEdit

(All of them rendered by me):

American football jerseysEdit

Railway mapsEdit

Copyright tags (own works)Edit

This work is in the public domain in Argentina as a law, decree, ordinance or sentence issued by an Argentine state authority or court and published on the Official Bulletin.

Likewise, according to the Law 22,362, article 3, section f: "Letters, words, names, emblems and symbols used by the National Government, as well as the Provinces, Municipalities, Religious and Health Organizations", cannot be subject of copyright.

The National symbols of Argentina are regulated by Decree Nº 10.302/1944.

As an image regulated by an edict of a government, it is also in the public domain in the United States.

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  This road sign is in the public domain because it is part of the Uniform System of Road Signs promulgated by Law 24.449 - Annex L, or other statues, ordinances or official decrees published at Official Bulletin.

According to Law 11.723, road signs are not included as subject to copyright in Argentina.


PD-Argentina layout (dismissed)Edit

This work is in the public domain in Argentina, because its copyright has expired or it is not subject to copyright,
according to local Law N° 11.723 promulgated by the National Congress:
Type of material Copyright has expired in Argentina if ...
Anonymous works (photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures, architectural work, maps, writings, music compositions) 50 years or more have passed since its date of publishing (Art. 8 & 28)
Photographs with author and/or publisher known Created at least 25 years ago and first published 20 years ago (Art. 34)
Paintings, drawings, sculptures, architectural work, maps, writings, music compositions whose author is known Creator died before 1 January 1949 (Art. 5)
Movies Script writer, producer and director of the movie died at least 50 years ago.(Art. 34)


Those are just some of the many photos I've taken:

Football/Rugby kitsEdit

Other sports uniformsEdit


Retouched photosEdit

A barnstar for you!Edit

  The Surreal Barnstar
(Y) xD Buen Trabajo0 Maik Gustavo Ovando (talk) 05:16, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

DR archivedEdit

Favorite photos (not mine)Edit


Truco para mostrar sólo un fragmento de determinada foto, SIN tener que recortar la imagen original y subirla como un nuevo archivo (FIFA World Cup Trophy)


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No Facebook templateEdit


It is not permitted to upload this file to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many other social networks!

This file has been released under a license that is incompatible with the terms of service and licensing terms of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.
More information is provided by the Legal Team of the Wikimedia Foundation.
This file cannot be used at any pages which use different terms than the license granted here.


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  This work is in the public domain in Peru because Peruvian copyright law, signed under the Manuel Prado administration, had a 20 year protection over images starting on 1 January 1962. All images published in Peru prior to 1976, whose protection lasted until 1996 (and by which time a new 70 year protection was imposed by the Alberto Fujimori administration), are in the public domain.

The Peruvian copyright law of 23 April 1996, which entered in force on 24 May 1996, states in its Transitional Provisions that "works protected under the previous legislation shall benefit from the longer terms of protection provided for in this Law".[822/1996 Transitional Provision 1]

More info: Commons:Copyright rules by territory/Peru

Argentina (one of the first layouts)

The copyright of this photograph, registered in Argentina, has expired. At least 20 years has passed after the photograph was first published (Law 11.723, Article 34 and their modifications).
Nevertheless, its author and source
must be acknowledged.

PD-US-not renewed, FleerEdit

This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1924 and 1963 and although there may or may not have been a copyright notice, the copyright was not renewed. Unless its author has been dead for the required period, it is copyrighted in the countries or areas that do not apply the rule of the shorter term for US works, such as Canada (50 pma), Mainland China (50 pma, not Hong Kong or Macao), Germany (70 pma), Mexico (100 pma), Switzerland (70 pma), and other countries with individual treaties. See Commons:Hirtle chart for further explanation.

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Fleer: This image or file was extracted from a baseball card produced by Fleer. According to the United States Copyright Office, copyrights belonging to Fleer Corporation were not renewed within the required period for filing. Thus, all trading cards printed by Fleer before ? have lapsed into the public domain and are free for use.

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