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When reviewing a quality image candidate I noticed that it is very difficult to describe certain actions such as properly aligning the content of an image only verbally. I really needed an image sample to point out the required steps with my favourite image processing tool., i.e. Adobe Lightroom.

As I almost always use a sturdy and heavyweight tripod, except, of course, for weddings, family events, and the like, I have ample time to arrange the content concerning focus depth, background, bokeh, and horizontal / vertical alignment before creating the image. Thus it is not often that I require any later realignment. But I have now and then experimented with various tools: in earlier years with Corel Paint, then Adobe Photoshop (Essentials), finally with Adobe Lightroom, all these only Microsoft Windows versions.

I do not intend to provide anything like a full tutorial for any of these retail products, but in reality, people do use them instead of open source / free-for-use programmes. My aim is to highlight a few solutions for problems that only require a little nudge in the right direction in order to solve the problem.

HowTo Align Image Content with Adobe LightroomEdit

Rummaging in my portfolio I discovered a suitable image which I had made at an extreme angle for some reason that had caught my eye last year, but which I could not put to any use thereafter. This image is now the basis of the following description.

By the way, this is my first attempt at making a tutorial. I do hope it serves its purpose as intended.

Transform ToolEdit

The transform tool is placed in the toolbar normally attached to the right border of the main workspace of Lightroom.

My Windows version sports 5 different buttons, of which in my experience Guided is best: just apply 4 guide lines to top, bottom, and beside the doors. This is also the maximum number allowed. Each line requires setting two squares to mark the edge which is to be straightened. A small window magnifies the exact spot and thus enables one to place each square with great precision.

The following images demonstrate all steps right up to the moment before applying the aligning operation by clicking on the Done button.

  • The first of the three images shows an extremely slanted view of a building. This has to be corrected, both horizontally and vertically.
  • The second image shows what to do if you have access to the latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC classic. The text insertions in this image display all steps necessary to set up to four guide lines. Enlarge the Image to read the text.
    • Select / Expand 'Transform'
    • Click on 'Guided'
    • Arrange up to four guide lines as described in the image as accurately as possible - see insert with positioning cross-hair in 2nd image.
    • When all guides lines are set as intended, click on 'Done'.
  • The third image shows the result. The building is now (almost) exactly aligned, both vertically and horizontally.Residual errors are due to optical distortions by the ultra wirde angle lens (focal length 18mm / full frame).

Now the scene may be cropped, a graduated filter applied to the sky to retrieve some of the hue, and other improvements processed as required.


I hopefully assume that this page will enable Wiki Commons users to understand the described problem(s) and will furthermore provide them with useful solutions. If so, this page will have fulfilled its purpose. We will see.

I do hope that I have not unintendedly broken any Wiki Commons rules, have not aggravated anyone, and have not breached any copyright laws. Feel free to contact me via the Discussion / Talk page.