User Frisia Orientalis comes from the region his Latin nickname already indicates: East Frisia in the outmost northwest of Germany, on the North Sea shoreline and close to the Netherlands. After having studied political science and national economics (the latter without a diploma) in Berlin and Amsterdam, he now works in the media business - generally spoken.

He is also active in the German and sometimes in the English Wikipedia. After having uploaded pictures exclusively into the German Wikipedia for a while, he has now decided to contribute to the Commons, too. To take photos, he uses a Canon EOS 300 D ("Digital Rebel" in the US) with its standard lense 18-55 mm, a 70-300 mm zoom, a 15 mm fisheye and a 420 EX flashlight (all of Canon). Buying a 10-22 mm wide-angle lense is a plan for the future, up to now it has not been compatible with the price politics of Canon. :-( He mostly takes photos of landscapes and architecture.

Since Frisia Orientalis doesn't log in on the Commons every day, please feel free to leave a message on his page in the German Wikipedia - not necessarily in German, as indicated on top. Unfortunately, his French has suffered from inactivity since his old school days. His Italian is mainly a basic one, since this is his favourite country for holidays (especially the Dolomites), and his knowledge of reading Afrikaans derives from his knowledge of Dutch. Please take this into account. ;-)