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The story so farEdit

Avocado fruit featuring mixed colors

The short version: me buy food. me photo food. me eat food.

In 2016 I've found some fruits looking unusual or imperfect - having an interesting mix of colors or having an unusual shape or having stains or being battered by the elements (they are more tasty than the usual ones by the way) and I said to myself that it would be nice to share photos with such interesting fruits. I had a FujiFilm bridge camera but I find it really uncomfortable to take a lot of photos with it. But since the mobile phones have such good cameras these days, it makes it easy to take photos and to share them. So I took the pictures with the fruits and I shared them. Then the next year I realized I can also take photos with various tools and devices that I have in my house and share them. Then I realized that the photos look better if you have enough light and a nice background. Then I realized that making a lot of photos with the same thing allows you to choose the best photo. Then I realized that the objects and the background have to be really clean and nice looking in order to make it a pleasure to look at the photos. Then I got a new telephone with a mind-blowing camera - Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and now I'm hooked. I take a lot of photos with various objects and then I sort them to chose the best. Learning to make better photos by practicing. Keeps me busy all day long.

Tips for making and uploading photosEdit

 See also: User:Fructibus/Tips.
  • Pay attention to symmetry (left-right and top-bottom borders must be equal), the object must be aligned horizontally and vertically
  • When shooting something in perspective, the bottom border should be bigger than the top border
  • when uploading the photo of an object, specify the dimensions in the comments sections. Also it's not a bad idea to include the price - it will remain as a reference for the future. When taking a photo of an item in a shop, also take a photo with the price tag.
  • If the object is small, then leave some generous borders around it, to make it more evident that it's a small object
  • When using flash, leave a bigger border than without flash
  • add the category for the device/camera used to take the photo - e.g. Category:Taken with Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)Category:Taken with ZTE mobile phones
  • When shooting fruits, tinfoil is very good for keeping them in the desired position. Also you can use 1 cent coins.
  • More tips: Link1Link2Link3Link4Link5Link6
  • Backgrounds - Objects color

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Canon EOS 5D

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